a.b.c. - update numbers
  • a - increment a if it's a major update.
  • b - increment b when one change affects multiple files.
  • c - increment c only when the changes in one file don't affect other files.

Version 1.9.2 (12 October 2018)

  • Fixed a bug with Load More button when accidentally multiple clicked it would load the same portfolio items multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug with wp queries shown in admin panel if dev mode is enabled.
  • Added option to override styles settings with shortcode atts e.g. [viba_portfolio number="4" layout="carousel"]
  • Added option to filter with viba_portfolio_default_style_options default style options so theme authors can change default colors, typography, animations etc.
  • Added option to preselect filter with adding hash to links e.g. http://example/#vp-term-branding.
  • Added current-menu-ancestor and current-menu-parent classes to the menu if the main archive page is in a submenu.
  • Removed jQuery.noConflict() so the $ can be used by other scripts that are loaded after.

Version 1.9.1 (25 May 2017)

  • Fixed a bug with WooCommerce and verbose page rules where no products where displayed.

Version 1.9 (6 March 2017)

  • Fixed a bug with google analytics path when using shortcode and viewing portfolio items with ajax.
  • Fixed a bug with custom styles typography output when there was no font selected.
  • Added option to duplicate styles.

Version 1.8 (7 January 2017)

  • Fixed a bug with number of portfolio items on category and tag archive pages when the main archive page wasn't selected.
  • Fixed a bug with carousel flickering in iOS.
  • Fixed a bug with custom styles css url for HTTPS.
  • Changed the Viba_Portfolio_Frontend_Scripts class functions to static so they can be removed by a theme with a hook.
  • Changed the hook for viba_portfolio_generator_tag() from wp_head to get_the_generator_html and get_the_generator_xhtml.
  • Added a new template for filter widget.
  • Removed the admin functions and classes load on frontend, now it's loaded only in the admin.
  • Updated google plus font icon.

Version 1.7.5 (10 September 2016)

  • Fixed a bug in javascript when adding images to the gallery wasn't possibble if there wasn't a thumbnail generated.
  • Fixed a bug where load more button would disappear before the new portfolio items where loaded.
  • Changed the imagesLoaded() function name to apalodiImagesLoaded() to remove any conflicts with themes that use the same function name but implement different functionality.

Version 1.7.4 (3 June 2016)

  • Fixed a bug created in version 1.7.3 with admin panel ajax save and frontend ajax functions that was caused by viba_portfolio_ajax_fix_for_visual_composer() function.

Version 1.7.3 (2 June 2016)

  • Fixed a bug with Visual Composer elements when using ajax to open portfolio items.
  • Fixed a bug with ajax functions and caching plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where viba-portfolio-single.css wasn't loaded on search page when ajax was enabled.
  • Added import/export option.
  • Removed the viba_portfolio_single_description filter because the_content() has its own filter.

Version 1.7.2 (2 March 2016)

  • Fixed a bug with main archive page rewrite rules when use_verbose_page_rules was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Viba Portfolio activation didn't work with TMGPA plugin.
  • Added archive page name for taxonomy and single portfolio pages document title generated with the new add_theme_support( 'title-tag' ) feature.
  • Updated Redux Framework to 3.5.9.

Version 1.7.1 (6 January 2016)

  • Small changes in wpml-config.xml.
  • Added support for Twenty Sixteen theme.
  • Removed 'use strict' from jquery document ready.
  • Fixed a bug with PHP 7 in add_portfolio_to_glance_items() function in includes/admin/class-viba-portfolio-admin.php.
  • Fixed a bug with admin panel logo styling.
  • Fixed a bug with single portfolio images guid link.

Version 1.7.0 (25 October 2015)

  • Fixed a bug with SSL by using a relative URL for ajax URL.
  • Fixed a bug with load more pagination where the shortcode on page 2 or more wouldn't show first items.
  • Fixed a bug where on some servers it wasn't possible to save more than 8 new custom styles.
  • Fixed a bug where the load more pagination on search page would load all items and not the one searched for.
  • Fixed a bug where when item was loaded with ajax and then the lightbox was activated the arrow keyboard keys would switch images and also the ajax items in the background.
  • If the link format has an empty link the href attribute is removed.
  • Small changes for pagination css and load more javascript. The look and functionality remainded the same.
  • Added option to change the order of share buttons.
  • Added columns option for Viba Portfolio Widget.
  • Added confirmation when deleting custom created style.
  • Added new filter hook for search form - viba_portfolio_searchform
  • Added search form and new text for search page when there are no items found.
  • Added viba-portfolio-search class to body tag when on search page.
  • is_viba_portfolio_page() now returns true only on main archive page and is_viba_portfolio_archive() on archives but not on main archive page anymore.
  • Updated Redux Framework to

Version 1.6.2 (22 August 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where on some servers Redux extensions url would have no slashes.
  • Fixed a bug with order by likes where items with the same number of likes would have random order.
  • Now fully WPML supported.
  • Updated Redux Framework to

Version 1.6.1 (25 April 2015)

  • Fixed a bug with disabled scroll when using ajax above and below type.

Version 1.6 (25 April 2015)

  • Added support for Stetic Web Analytics when using ajax.
  • Added esc_url() for escaping add_query_arg() function to improve security.
  • Changed css for some styles to improve transition animations.
  • Changed custom redux extension names to prevent possible name conflicts.
  • Updated Redux Framework.
  • Fixed a bug with Neon style action buttons position when using load more option.
  • Fixed a bug with stacked gallery loading animation on Safari and Chrome using the Mac OS X.
  • Fixed a bug where load more would return in some very specific cases different items.
  • Fixed a bug where flush_rewrite_rules() wouldn't be executed with ajax save.

Version 1.5.1 (6 April 2015)

  • Updated Redux Framework.
  • Added vp-modal-open class to html tag when the modal opens to prevent body scrolling (It might not work for all themes).

Version 1.5 (27 March 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where load more would return duplicated items if there were scheduled items to be published in the future.
  • Fixed a bug with filter and pagination on archive page when the query is applied.
  • Fixed a bug where load more would return items from different categories or tags on taxonomy pages.
  • Fixed a bug where modal content wouldn't delete on close.
  • Added functionality to override template functions and tags inside themes.
  • Added attributes metabox with order option to enable order items by Page Order.

Version 1.4.1 (9 March 2015)

  • Fixed a bug with direction aware animation where image would disappear after lighbox is activated.
  • Updated javascript plugins and improved the multi-size grid layout.

Version 1.4 (8 February 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where video and audio would continue playing even if the ajax window is closed.
  • Added support for the Twenty Fifteen theme.
  • Added option to open custom link in a new tab.
  • Added option to enable ajax for themes and page builders that don't save their content into WordPress default content area.
  • Removed .vp-body-overflow class from body tag and added .vp-html-overflow class to html.

Version 1.3 (21 December 2014)

  • Fixed a bug where load more would load all items and not only the items set in the query option.

Version 1.2.2 (17 December 2014)

  • Added filters for single pagination next and prev links.
  • Changed generated shortcode position for portfolio styles to avoid copying h3 tag with a shortcode.
  • Fixed a bug with custom permalinks.

Version 1.2.1 (10 December 2014)

  • Added Velocity.js for smoother ajax slide animations on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug where gallery would return an error if the gallery id isn't an image. Removed the possibility to print non image media.

Version 1.2 (9 December 2014)

  • Added new CSS class vp-no-content to single portfolio if there is no content and added CSS for meta to be full width.
  • Fixed a bug where gallery slider wouldn't work on safari and android browser.
  • Fixed a bug where single content would quick jump over gallery on an older safari browser.
  • Fixed a bug with font-size:0 for share icons for older safari and android browsers by adding width for share icons.
  • Fixed a bug with related items size for older webkit browsers.

Version 1.1 (1 December 2014)

  • Added new CSS class vp-no-meta to single portfolio if there is no meta selected and added CSS for description to be full width.
  • Added new CSS styles for elements to inherit the selected color for portfolios, it overwrites the theme default colors.
  • Fixed a bug where is_viba_portfolio_shortcode_ajax() function would return false for the nested shortcodes.

Version 1.0.2 (28 November 2014)

  • Changed the head script for adding vp-js class to html to work without jQuery, only with javascript.
  • Removed the description for meta generator.

Version 1.0.1 (25 November 2014)

  • Updated CSS for ul and li tags to overwrite the themes styles for ul and li tags (main ul and share icons).
  • Fixed a bug where the page scrollbar disappeared when using slider (body overflow).
  • Fixed a bug where share icons appear even if the portfolio meta value for share icons is disabled.

Version 1.0 (22 November 2014)