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We’re interested in your ideas on how we can improve our plugin.

We are working on a better way for your feature requests but for now please submit your suggestions through the comments section below. We cannot guarantee we will use the suggestions you have submitted, but we will review them for consideration in future updates.

Thank your for taking the time to send us this information, your ideas for improvements are very important to us.

Please Note: By providing us with suggestions, you are giving us full permission to use your suggestions freely.

One thought on “Feature Requests

  1. I’m glad you have a feature request page now! I’ll repeat what I said over at the Envato site, so it’s easier to find.

    – Being able to create custom “extra fields”, like Medium, Software, Camera, etc.
    – Make thumbnails either arranged by columns, or by using the user’s specified dimensions (they don’t seem to change anything for me, even after regenerating thumbnails?); let the user choose.
    – Rather than making user specify sizes for thumbnails on “Multi-Size Grid”, have it based on a 1:1 grid (with user-selected number of columns), then allow user to choose how many vertical and horizontal “grid spaces” they want the thumbnail to take up.

    Example –
    Without specifications

    Specified 3×2:

    It sounds difficult but it would be cool to have!

    – Right now, it arranges images into columns vertically and leaving the aspect ratio as it is; it would be nice to have the option to also keep the aspect ratio, but arrange it horizontally instead.

    Just throwing out ideas!

    – Give option to allow the whole box to serve as the link to either the lightbox or the single page when using AJAX, so users don’t have to click on the title or zoom icon specifically.
    – Choose from different items to be shown under the title; instead of short description, allow date, client, other things.
    – ***New: Allow higher numbers to be used for columns.
    – More explanation on what “Hard Crop” does?

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